How to Choose the Best Web Developer?

With so many people saying they can create you the best website, you should you trust to do a good job?  When choosing the best web developer for your project there are three things to consider:

1. Your Web Developer Should Know that…

Only 2 Audiences Matter Online

Best website design florida two audiences customer googleThe Best Web Designer is someone who can get out of their own way.  Why is this important?

Because online, there are only 2 people that matter:

  • Your prospective customer (who, if they are attracted to your website offer, will pay you money so your business can grow)
  • And Google (who will either reward you or punish you for your knowledge of SEO, by giving your site more or less traffic).

When you are designing a website, you have to design it for those two important people.  Nothing else matters!

2. A Holistic Approach to Website Design

Apart from having a graphic design skills and programming skills, there are 3 other important skills that a website designer must have.

best website design florida venn diagramUser Interface Design Skillset: The user experience is important.  You should endeavor to follow KISS – keep it simple stupid.  Include commonly used navigational pages, such as Home, About Us, Services, Shop, Pricing, Contact Us and don’t expect cold traffic to search through a long list of pages for something that should be easy to find.

Search Engine Optimization Skillset: Does your website designer know how to do onpage search engine optimization for your website?  SEO Knowledge could mean the difference between being on page one and getting traffic sent to your site, or being on page 2 and receiving no traffic whatsoever.  It is also crucial that your website is mobile-friendly, and has an SSL Certificate.

Sales Optimization Skillset: This skillset is not taught on or offline.  It basically means the ability to get your pages to convert your browsers to buyers.  It includes a knowledge of sales copywriting and consumer psychology.  Google may send you 100 visitors per day, but if only 10 visitors are converted, then you need to optimize your site to increase Sales!

3. Proof!

100 percent verifiedBefore you make your final decision, you should check what websites your designer has already created.  Do they have similar features: e.g. a shopping cart, a database.  You need to be sure that your web designer is able to create a solution for whatever specific goal your website is intended to help you achieve in your business.

You should also ask about: hosting? and making updates to the website? and any other extra fees that might arise from the website project.  You should also decide if you are having a blog, and who will update the blog?  If you do not know how to update your blog, you should ask for training.

Of course, there are other factors you should be aware of when getting a new website.  For more information on Website Objectives, Competition Analysis, The 12 Principles of Best Website Design, a Consistent Brand Image, Your Target Audiences, Sales Funnels and Forms, please check out our main article here on the Best Website Design in Florida.