In the book the Art of War, Sun Tzu says that “Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting.” Now while your sales prospect is certainly not your enemy and must never be viewed as such, the principle still applies.

Make Sales Before You Show Up

SalesYou must be sure that you can win a sale before you even show up for a meeting. It is far better to attract someone to your message than force someone in a hard sell! Aim to win minds and hearts!

Forget (off the cuff, witty) selling skills, just focus on preparation in the following areas:

Rapport: Can you establish common ground in a face-to-face presentation?
Expertise: Can you show that you are an expert in your subject?
Action: Can you prove that you can get your prospect the desired results that they are looking for? Don’t presume to know their goals without asking them (or using other indicators to work it out)?
Proof: Can you prove that you can fulfill the order and ensure customer satisfaction? You should provide proof of this in certificates, testimonials, case studies and other pictures which give evidence of your claim.

If you can adequately prepare in these four areas: Rapport, Expertise, Action, Proof (REAP) then you will REAP the rewards of the sale.

Online Selling

Of course, selling isn’t always one to one. Sales also involve advertising. But again, after being attracted to a sales page via an online advert, the same principles apply:

Rapport: Does your landing or sales page attract your target audience in terms of their needs, aesthetic preferences and teach them in the way that they personally respond best to.
Expertise: Does your landing page answer all FAQs?
Action: Does your landing page provide proof that your target audience will get the desired results they are looking for?
Proof: Does your landing page provide other trust elements such as guarantees, social media proof, and offers of helpful customer service?
If so, your sales conversions are bound to increase!

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