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iAMO Marketing Source was founded in 2015 by Susie Bencen after 15 years of doing internet marketing solo.  iAMO Marketing Source is a full-service marketing agency in Florida with it’s headquarters located in Gainesville, FL, USA.  It has been called ‘a one-stop marketing shop’ by happy customers.  Here, we focus on web design and development, and lead generation.

Internet Marketing Agency

“Value First & Diamond Integrity Always!”

Our Marketing Strategy

The purpose of getting your business website online is surely to generate leads and make sales!

However, while many are familiar with the first aspect of marketing, very few know how to do the latter online.  Think about it, a bricks and mortar store is slightly easier to manage in this respect.  You set up your store downtown, stock it with treasures, and stick a sign outside.  Someone… is going to drop by and then you can find out how best to serve them.

But online, you have to create digital signs and roadways so that people can find your website in the first place.  There is so much potential online to reach people and make sales… but unless you know what you are doing, a website will do you no more good than your business card stuck on your shelf…

Our Online Business Growth Solution!

So what is the solution?  Well, that depends upon your business or niche.  There are many ways to generate leads online including: ads, SEO, social media and public relations.  We offer a FREE, no-obligation marketing consultation to determine the best workable internet marketing plan for your business growth.  Just call Susie on (352) 215-7539 to set up a convenient time to chat!

Just as there are many ways of lead generation, there are likewise many ways to share your message online.  For instance, did you know that creating a sales video is both an ad and can also be used to get your message to the top page search engine results within 24 hours?

We will help you find the best marketing solution for you and your budget!

Why Should You Work with Our Internet Marketing Agency in Florida?

Knowing over 200 ways to get traffic to your website really puts iAMO Marketing Source ahead of the curve.  Knowing the 12 principles of good website design in order to increase sales conversion rates is yet another reason why you should talk to us.  However, knowing the psychology of sales and how to create a message that truly resonates with your target audience is probably the number ONE reason why you should do business with us!

We are not just about completing your project either.  We are about after sales service.  We truly want ALL our clients to succeed online.


Where did the name iAMO come from?

The name iAMO stands for internet Attraction Marketing Optimization, but it also has other connotations…

The first one is perhaps the most obvious – iAMO Marketing Source will give you internet ammunition to help you beat your competition…

  1. Internet Ammunition – FREE Competition Analysis

iAMO Marketing Source offers a FREE, no-obligation Competition Analysis.  This includes:

  1. Website audit
  2. Social audit
  3. Competition Analysis
  4. Best keywords to rank for in search engines

Call (352) 215-7539 to get your FREE Competition Analysis now.

Secondly, the word AMO is derived from the Spanish phrase ‘Te Amo’ meaning ‘I love you’.

If you do not love the business you are in and love your customers, your business will most likely fail!

This concept of marketing love is also linked to our one-to-one Sales Training acronym – ‘LOVES’ which stands for LIKE, OBSERVE, give VALUE, wait for an EMOTIONAL response and SELL!

  1. Love of Marketing and Our Clients Compels Us to Give Away Our Industry Insider Information

Here at our Marketing Agency in Florida we view each new customer as a friend or family member that we are ready to give our industry insider information to, because we truly want you to succeed!


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