Advertising and Marketing

Once you have created your business website, you can get traffic/visitors to your website using various advertising and marketing methods.

Advertising and marketing

Really, there are many marketing methods and techniques. One of these methods is advertising. For instance, there is PR, Advertising, SEO, Email marketing, Networking, Social Media Marketing – all of these fall under the umbrella term known as marketing.

Marketing is a key solution to growing your business. As advertising and marketing methods bring traffic. And as quality traffic/visitors who are interested in your offer equal sales. Advertising and marketing equals business growth!

Advertising and Marketing at iAMO Marketing Source

We know over 200 ways to increase traffic to your website. Some of these methods are free, whereas advertising is usually expensive. We specialize in helping startups grow their business without spending a bunch of money. We focus on free or affordable advertising and marketing methods and website optimization.

Advertising and marketing

Our marketing formula for success is WD + AMO + SEO = $$$

Website design + attraction marketing optimization + traffic generation methods such as SEO = business growth.

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