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When considering whether or not you should get a website redesign, there are several factors you must think about:

    • How old is your website?
    • When your website was created, did your website designer add html5 so that your website images and text can be properly seen on a mobile phone.  This is important as at least 50% of people nowadays browse the internet from their mobiles, so you really need a mobile-friendly website.
    • Has your website goals or needs changed over time?  Perhaps, you are thinking about adding some additional cornerstone information that would give your website a competitive edge.  Why not also consider getting a more up-to-date design at the same time.
    • Has your website been optimized for search engines and does it convert your browsing prospective customers to buyers?
When Was Your Website Created?  And What Skillset did Your Designer Have at the Time?
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best website design history timeline2
best website design history timeline3

How to Choose the Best Web Developer?

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Only 2 Audiences Matter Online…

The Best Web Designer is someone who can get out of their own way. Why is this important?

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A Holistic Approach to Website Design

Apart from having a graphic design skills and programming skills, there are 3 other important skills that a website designer must have.

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Yes, but can they prove it?

Before you make your final decision, you should check what websites your designer has already created.

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Check Out a Small Selection of Websites

  • website-design-in-florida
  • Real-Estate-Website-Design
  • website-design-in-florida-health-nutrition
  • website-design-in-florida-legal

What Kind of Website Do You Need?

Firstly, ask yourself: “What are the objectives of my website?”

In order to ensure satisfaction you should have SMART objectives, that is, they should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time Based.

Specific: Do you have a specific number of products or services you want to sell? Do you have a specific number of sales promotions that you want your website main pages to cover?  Think about your services or products in terms of keywords (a designer that is knowledgeable on SEO will be able to research the best keywords for you – not all keywords are equal).  Each page, promoting a single product or service should be linked to a single keyword. 

Measurable: Your website should contain a home page, a contact page, a blog page (for your articles), and some informational pages about your business. Now count up the number of pages (containing content of at least 800 words for services and 500 words for key products) that you think you will need.  Your designer needs this information to plan the website and give you the best price possible.

Achievable: You have to think in terms of amount of content + design + search engine optimized content in relation to the time you need to launch your site.  Ask yourself pertinent questions such as: “Who is going to provide this content – pictures, text, & video media?”  “Will I expect my web designer to write sales copy, as well?”  “Does my web designer have the up-to-date knowledge of the latest SEO practices so that my website is not de-ranked by Google?”

Realistic: Are the features (bells & whistles) needed to reach your website goals within your budget?  Conversely, I am sure that you have heard of the expression “you get what you pay for!”  Make sure you get lots of quotes and learn a bit about the design process so you can ask intelligent questions and, hopefully, reduce the final price. 

Realistic Sales Expectations: If you need sales pages – you should know that a WordPress website (our top choice for the best SEO platform) with theme is not built for sales pages.  A standard WordPress theme will not allow you the creativity needed to encourage conversion to sales – you will probably need to get a custom theme made for you. 

However, at iAMO Marketing we have an affordable solution. Ask us for the Ultra Sales WP Solution which is easily custom designed for long sales pages and conversions.

Timely: When should you expect your website to be delivered?  Be on the look out for guarantees and your website developer’s terms on edits.  Overtime, it is natural that changes will need to be made to your website.  URL links may break through no fault of your website designer or plugins may no longer be supported, so further work may be needed to fix these issues.  You will want to ensure that your website designer is not going to charge you exorbitant prices for edits.  Make sure you have guarantees in writing!

Call iAMO Marketing Source for top quality design, development, content creation, SEO and traffic generation services to ensure your objectives are met!  You can reach us now at (352) 215-7539.


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Secondly, ask yourself: “What action do I desire my target audience to take?”

1. Make a Purchase

If you want your audience to purchase something from you, you should consider a website with an e-store or PayPal integration at the very least.  If you have many standardized products or services an e-store is probably your best option.

If you are advertising 1 – 10 services, then you may choose to have a sales page per product or service.  Either way, a centralized pricing list or prices page is always a good idea, as it is one of the questions your audience will have in mind when they visit your site – “how much does it cost?”

If your services are customized to the individual needs of your client, then you may wish your prospects to fill out a form to contact you.

Although, in every instance, I would encourage the KISS principle – Keep it Simple Stupid.  For instance, a trial of $1 for 7 days offer so that your audience can try out your services.

2. Informational – Learn Something

I would encourage all website owners, no matter whether they are selling products or services or simply providing information, to create a website that full of in-depth well-researched information.  The reason is that Google rewards the best content.  So, if the goal of your website is to inform, make sure you outdo your competition in quality of content.  For more information on the best Search Engine Optimization strategy, please contact us here.

You may choose to monetize this type of website by promoting affiliate or owned products or services on another website or via advertising.  However, monetization of this website, as with all websites, is entirely dependent upon the level of traffic/visitors you regularly receive.

3. Be Entertained and Share

As an entertainer or artist, you will no doubt have many fantastic and creative ideas.  We love creative people and look forward to discussing your website’s artistic and practical features with you!

4. Receive a Solution to a Problem

We love problem solvers and innovators, and we look forward to discussing your app or software with you, and implementing a strategy to bring your solution to the marketplace.

“Call to Action”

We know how to increase
Sales Conversions

Finally, discuss in practical terms with your designer…

“What are all the design elements and integrations I will need to implement to get from point A (your SMART objectives) to point B (your target audience taking the desired action)?”
A professional marketing agency should be able to give you a convincing plan or create a marketing strategy for you.

At iAMO Marketing Source we offer FREE, no-obligation, marketing consultations and a FREE re-design of your homepage.  We also research your competition, best keywords, and target audience thoroughly before sitting down for any creative marketing process.  We do all this before we ask you to invest in your business for a single cent.  We know that smart people find it hard to refuse affordable, great value!

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Who is Your

The First Step We Take Involves Researching Your Target Audience


Are you trying to get national or local prospects. The latter is much easier to do. We love supporting local businesses and startups and have many search engine optimization methods to help your business grow!

We pride ourselves on a first-rate knowledge of consumer psychology especially when it comes to design, sales copy, educating your prospects in the best way to meet their needs, and conversion to sales!

An in-depth knowledge of your target audience will allow us to craft a very compelling sales funnel helping you reach your business goals quickly and effectively.

Who is Your Competition?

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A bird’s eye view of your competition will help us plan your marketing strategy and website.
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  • The keywords they are using to find success – not all keywords are equal
  • The marketing techniques they are using to find success!
  • How your Competition Analysis can be used to grow your business.

The 12 Principles of Best Website Design

Back in 2014, we looked at the results of hundreds of website design split tests and discovered that making small tweaks to design can have a huge impact on conversion rates.

Without giving away all our proprietary design and sales techniques, below is a summary list of the 12 principles of best website design that we use for our own digital assets and of course our client’s websites to make them attractive and sales optimized:

best website design florida principles time numbers1
best website design florida principles happiness1
best website design florida principles trust1

1# Time and Numbers

Using specific numbers or the principle of scarcity

2# Happiness

A picture is worth a 1,000 words.  Smile and the world smiles with you.

3# Proof and Trust

Trust is the top reason why people buy from you.

best website design florida principles attraction1
best website design florida principles simplicity1
best website design florida principles page element positioning1

4# Attraction and Desire

Using needs, wants, status symbols, and target audience segmentation as part of a congruent sales funnel.

5# Simplicity

Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS).  You have 2 seconds to make an impression…

6# Page Element Positioning

Every element on the page has it’s rightful position for best conversion.  Do you know where all the pieces go?

best website design florida principles clarity1
best website design florida principles natural eye movement1
best website design florida principles language1

7# Clarity

Pay attention to navigation, pricing and contact information for best results.

8# Natural Eye Movement

Did you know that the eye moves in an “F” shape across the page?  Use this to determine best design.

9# Language

Language should be carefully chosen to appeal to target audience and to adhere to best SEO practice.

best website design florida principles cta1
best website design florida principles design1
best website design florida principles help1

10# Command and Action

Tell your visitors exactly what they need to do next in a well-designed “call to action.”

11# Design and Color

Colors have meaning.  Design has power.

12# Help and Service

The User Experience is important to grow a good reputation.

A Consistent Brand Image

Once you have decided upon your brand: story + color + design + USP (unique selling proposition) + user experience, you will want to ensure consistency across all channels.

A distinctive brand creates the feeling of dependability, reliability and trust which is a key factor in making sales.

When your prospects view your brands images (or similar images) they will also naturally associate them with your products or services – it is marketing at a higher level.

A good brand will not only appeal to logic, but also to emotions.  Read more information here about the importance of emotional branding.

Taking a Closer Look at Your Target Audience

A general principle learned from our research is that each target audience has a specific message that will attract them, which includes locating the best place online or offline to reach them.  As Priscilla A LaBarbera says in her 1998 study entitled Matching the Message to the Mind: ‘Significant effects were found for the overall advertisement appeal, image appeal, and purchase intentions when there was congruency between consumer sensing/ intuiting type and visual imagery.’
At iAMO Marketing Source, we pride ourselves on our ability to create sales funnels designed to attract your target audience using our knowledge of general consumer psychology and your target audience’s psychometrics.

Sales Funnels

What are sales funnels?

To answer this we must first talk about the buying process which is a series of steps that a consumer will take before making a major purchase.  Obviously, going to store to pick up the groceries, doesn’t require much forethought, but when a user wants to pick the best company to provide, for instance, mobile phone service, a car, or some other important buying decision which may also be linked to a status symbol (such as a website), you can be sure that the buying process takes a little longer than jumping in the car and heading to the local Walmart.

Step 1: The consumer identifies a need or a problem that needs to be solved.  They may ask their friends, social media acquaintances, or simply research good old Google for the answer…

Step 2: The consumer researches the topic.  They will first start off with short keywords such as “Website traffic…” The longer the keyword they generally type in, such as, “How can I get more website traffic?” the more intent they have on finding the solution and purchasing something.  After finding a solution, they may be sent off on a new topic of discovery, such as, “What is SEO?”  “How does SEO Work?”  “How to find a great SEO company?”

Step 3: They are ready to make a purchase.  At this point the consumer has done the research and is ready to settle down with a company.  They may research for buying-intent keywords such as “top SEO company,” or “best SEO marketing agency…”  They are looking for the top or best companies to work with to get the best results for their investment.  And of course they will want to know the price.

Step 4: The consumer enters one or more sales funnels.  They make contact with companies or individuals that they have found on their journey of discovery.  And the best man wins the sale!

Now, it is important to note that:

  1. A company’s reputation will make or break the sale
  2. Social referrals may swing the sale in favor of the company being promoted
  3. The consumer will generally only research page 1 of the Google Search Results Pages for any given keyword.  According to studies, 90% of searches never go beyond the first page of Google. (The remaining 10% of people who do, are of a certain analytical personality type.) And that, my friends, is why getting to page one of Google by means of SEO methods is extremely important as organic results are favored higher than advertisements, because a smart consumer knows that Google has done much of the leg-work already in choosing, for example, the best SEO provider!

Sales Funnel Blueprint Examples

  • Best Website Design in Florida Sales Funnel
  • Best Website Design in Florida Popup Form Sales Funnel
  • Best Website Design in Florida Marketing Sales Funnel

Pretty & Effective Forms

Many sales funnels start off with a simple form, such as the ones shown below.  However, your form’s design is extremely important.

Changing layout, colors, and copy can increase your sales conversions.

Make sure your forms are just as attractive as your website.

  • Best website design florida cheat sheet form1
  • Best website design florida form cheat sheet1
  • Best website design florida ebook form1
  • Best website design florida marketing form1
  • Best website design florida pretty form1

Pricing Information

Be wary of companies that give you a price without discussing your individual marketing needs.  When it comes to building an attractive website that gets you results, there is no “one-size fits all.”  This will frustrate many consumers who are concerned with getting an immediate quote.  But here at iAMO Marketing Source we like to give value and one of the ways we do that is by researching your keywords, competition, and target audience to come up with the best way to reach your marketing objectives and grow your business.

Check out our Ballpark Website Pricing Packages

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