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New to Attraction Marketing Optimization?  Unsure of how you can use attraction marketing to grow your business by increasing your sales and your customers?  The Beginners Guide to AMO gives you comprehensive training to get inside the mind of your target customer and attract them to do business with you over and over again…

What is Attraction Marketing Optimization (AMO)?

In short, attraction marketing optimization is optimizing your content to appeal to your target audience by providing high-quality, valuable information which is tailor-made for them.  You should also think about the bigger picture by optimizing your marketing strategy to attract your ideal audience and make them life-long fans.

How Do You Pronounce AMO?

You say AMO like AMMO.  In fact, you should be thinking of AMO as your marketing ammunition that will allow you to hit your targets – that is, your target audience and target revenue.

How does Attraction Marketing Optimization relate to Search Engine Optimization?

If you are an internet marketer or an entrepreneur, you have probably heard of the expression ‘SEO’ which stands for Search Engine Optimization, the practice of getting content to rank higher in the search engines by paying attention to Google’s search engine rules.

At the beginning of the 21st century, search engine optimization was looked upon as a tool to increase online sales. As more internet traffic equals more sales, websites owners that wished to ‘game’ the system, created spammy content in order to create backlinks. They would typically write hundreds of illegible articles using SEO spinning or keyword stuffing methods which also contained the necessary link back (backlink) to their website.  Then, they would post these all over the web.  These backlinks were the equivalent of game points in those early days of SEO ranking.  The more backlinks your website had, the higher the website was typically ranked.  And so, these black hat website owners got great traffic and ranking… that is, until Google got wise and released the Penguin and Panda updates which essentially negatively-valued those spammy websites (in some cases forever).

Nowadays, Google is all about quality content – writing well-prepared, valuable content that your readers will love. The more quality content, the better!

When you write articles, make sure they are optimized to

Attract your Target Audience as well as the Search Engines!

attraction marketing optimization

So, in order to get traffic and sales, the new buzz word is ‘Attraction Marketing’. You will find many definitions of attraction marketing online.  In short, attraction marketing is when you give a valuable, user-experience to your customers.

At iAMO Marketing Source our standard of attraction marketing means we will share attractive, high-quality content as opposed to spammy content and provide a valuable user-experience from the beginning of the sales funnel all the way to service completion or product delivery. We will seek to turn customers into life-long fans of our brand.

Providing high-quality content is less about the numbers and more about the value, regularity, and the viral-potentiality of the content that is shared.

Why Does My Website Need AMO?

Imagine that you have optimized your website for the search engines alone – it is sitting nicely at the top of the ranks on the search engine pages and you are very proud to be getting so much traffic.  But hang on a minute, when you check out how many people that visit your page compared to the number of people that take the desired action upon reaching your page – something is wrong.  You are only converting browsers into buyers at a mere 10%.  Shock horror!  For some reason, they are just not buying from you.  But you have no idea what that reason could be – the landing page is attractive enough, the site is user friendly, your company has a good reputation, but… you still scratch your head for the answers.

You need AMO!

The guide below will help you identify ways in which you could be losing customers.  With a few tweaks you could increase your sales conversions overnight!  The beginners guide to AMO gives comprehensive training to grow your business online!

Attraction Marketing Optimization is Based Upon Science

Thanks to scientific studies like heat-maps and A/B split optimization, we now know enough about our favorite people – our target audience to optimize content in the way that they like best – with generous portions, arranged and flavored like a sumptuous, mouth-watering dish.

Can I Do AMO for Myself?

The world of AMO is complex and nuanced.  There are certain tweaks to your marketing strategy and website that you can make yourself – please see our guide below.  But to drill down into your target audience, you really need to speak with an expert.  Please contact us for a FREE marketing consultation.

The Four Pillars of Attraction Marketing Optimization

The four pillars of attraction marketing optimization are off-page, on-page, engagement and sales attraction marketing.

Attraction Marketing Optimization 4 Pillars

We will cover each of these in turn in the Beginners Guide to Internet Attraction Marketing Optimization – coming shortly!

Section 1 – Off-Page Attraction Marketing

attraction marketing optimization chapter1
attraction marketing optimization chapter2
attraction marketing optimization

Section 2 – On-Page Attraction Marketing

attraction marketing optimization chapter4
attraction marketing optimization chapter5
attraction marketing optimization chapter6

Section 3 – Engagement Attraction Marketing

attraction marketing optimization
attraction marketing optimization chapter8
attraction marketing optimization chapter9

Section 4 – Sales Attraction Marketing

attraction marketing optimization chapter10
attraction marketing optimization chapter11
attraction marketing optimization chapter12

Section 5 – Management and Growth

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attraction marketing optimization chapter14
attraction marketing optimization secret chapter15

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